Sunday 28 April 2024

From Mesmer To Freud

From Mesmer To Freud: The Secrets Of Hypnotism & How It Controls Human Brain |

In this captivating video, delve deep into the mysteries of hypnosis and the human brain. Discover mind control techniques and shocking secrets that have been hidden from public knowledge.

From historical insights to modern scientific revelations, we explore how hypnosis can manipulate and control the mind in ways you never thought possible.

The Secrets Of Hypnotism & How It Controls Human

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Tuesday 23 April 2024


J.D.Walker - Enemiez(DREEZY FLOW) #drill #rapper

This is a single by J.D.Walker produced by Senaca. The video was shot by P.NobleTv and produced by Psyde and Noia of Psychodrama. And this is the first time J.D.Walker was introducing the world to the now famous female rapper Dreezy from Chicago.

J.D.Walker Enemiez