Saturday 23 March 2019

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting / Demonstration of Abstract Painting with Acrylics & Palette Knife / Landscape

Fun & satisfying demonstration of Abstract Painting - Landscape , using Palette Knife with Acrylic Colours on Canvas - Colours: Burnt Sienna, Pyrolle Orange, Cadmium Yellow, Sky Blue, Titanium Buff, Cadmium White and Black. How to start
Abstract Painting
for beginners -
Softly focused impressions, exquisite landscapes featuring dramatic skylines and portraits with a hint of attitude! Do you think making such paintings are a distant dream for you? Do you wonder when will you be able to give wings to your paint brush? Do you wish to do amazing palette knife painting? If yes, then this post is for you! If you are planning to start with a new medium, you tend to have lot of questions! Few people hold an opinion that abstract painting is easy since they don't have to follow any pattern, they can go horizontal or vertical or diagonal etc! While few people are of opinion that abstract painting is the most difficult form because they don't have a vision or direction which they should follow!

Demonstration of Abstract Painting with Acrylics
What's your opinion? This post will brush up on abstract painting techniques for beginners using acrylic colours. Acrylic are versatile, vibrant and affordable and can be painted on anything! Discover how can you get started!

Abstract Painting with Palette Knife