Wednesday 31 July 2019

Africa's currently struggling though hemisphere's worst economic problems and a huge regional humanitarian crisis!!

In the heart of its restless roads, lies the struggle for survival and in the eyes of its citizens lies a constant fear of death by hunger, disease and starvation. All of which lead to unsustainable situations for a dignified life.

Therefore Christine Reidhead has created AfrikRising -a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid to Africans particularly African children who can't satisfy their basic needs of food, clothes, medicine, legal and general consultancy, temporal stay, and others.

Due to the ongoing crisis in Africa, some children have been caught up in the cross fire of bitter life experiences, tragedies, and some have witnessed appalling hardships they never asked for. Some families have been caught up in the heat of poverty or natural disasters which has left so many lives shattered and kids victimized.

So Christine believes that by providing help and supporting these kids in their hard times, we can improve their overall health, wellness and quality of life, bringing hope once more to brighten up their life right from their tender age and prepare them for a better future.

Following this desire, Christine currently sits on the Board for Habitat for Humanity and Family Promise of Albuquerque.

She also hosts her own podcasts which focus on nonprofits, advocacy, the Tribal College Movement and sports talk.

Christine has decided that no child will be deprived of a healthy life just because he did not have potential resources. Her ultimate goal's to win souls, change lives and empower Africans to fight this menace.

Everyone deserves to live a happy life, so Christine wants to provide them enough resources to live so because she believes that we can't help everyone but everyone can help someone.