Thursday 5 May 2022



Choosing a pivot door for your project creates an attractive and distinctive entrance. An interesting fact about pivot doors is their rotation on a spindle and the high degree of luxury at every entrance.

Pivoting doors can be adopted in the various entrance by adjusting the spindle location for a more dramatic or subtle pivoting look. Because of the spindle and mechanism, pivot doors are simple to operate.

Pivot doors are composed of various materials, including wood, metal, and glass—a wide range of design options limited by your creativity. One of the most popular features in luxury home design is the glass pivot door. Because glass allows natural light to penetrate through the inside of your home, it gives additional glares and benefits.
The glass pivot door differs from other doors in that it does not always have to open at the end. Instead of hinges, this door style has a pivot point, usually a few inches from the door frame. It has a self-closing mechanism that rotates 360 degrees in all directions. This gives the impression of a hidden passage, and the door's movement is charming.


One-panel Clear Glass Pivot Door(OCGP Door)

OCGP Door option is adjustable and works with partition systems and solid traditional walls. This adaptable solution includes features like free swing and self-closing.

OCGP Door also comes with custom assembly and finishes. It is compatible with practically every entrance system with various options, including locking and non-locking versions.

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