Monday 9 May 2022

China WDMA

You have probably heard of prefabs or prefab homes, and you are wondering, 'What is a prefab home?' A prefab home is a short form for prefabricated home. Prefabricated homes are buildings made of pre-made building components that are manufactured off site, transported and assembled on site. 

 WHAT ARE PREFAB HOMES? Prefab homes are houses made in the factory and transported as a unit to the site or assembled piece by piece on site. Traditionally, buildings are constructed in systematic stages and every component is created on site. If there are any fabrications to be done like steel fabrications or making of doors and windows, they are also done on site. There are however smaller components that may be assembled on sites like doors and cabinets. With advancements in technology, this system is slowly being replaced by prefabrication. In this system of construction, all building components including wall panels, slabs etc. are made in a controlled environment at the factory and brought to the site to be put together into a building.